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      Photo Credit: Mark Raynes Roberts

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      What's New...

      tch up on this interview of The Current with Matt Galloway featuring The Mystery of Right and Wrong.

      Listen to the October 1st episode of Weekend AM with Heather Barrett that explores The Mystery of Right and Wrong.

      Watch this recording of the Wordfest lgary interview with Steven W. Beattie,

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      For anyone who could not join the Atlantic book launch of The Mystery of Right and Wrong on September 21st, you n listen to the taped interview with Ami McKay. The passcode is "&E6?!tlz" with no quotation marks.

      Coming this fall to bookshelves and e-readers:

      The Mystery of Right and Wrong
      Knopf nada
      Hardcover, 560 pages
      September, 2021

      The Mystery of Right and Wrong is available for pre-order and hits shelves on September 21, 2021.

      An interview with Wayne, done by Shelagh Rogers, that aired on CBC radio’s The Next Chapter on November 6th, 2017 is available to listen to here.

      See an author interview - Youtube

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      Praise for Wayne Johnston
      Wayne Johnston is prodigiously talented.
      -- The Globe and Mail

      Wayne Johnston is a brilliant and accomplished writer and his Newfoundland boots and boats, rough politics and rough country, history and journalism is vivid and sharp.
      -- Annie Proulx

      Unlike most recent bestselling novels that are remembered for the plane flight and then promptly forgotten, Wayne's stories have characters who move in and take up permanent residence.
      -- Mary Walsh

      [Johnston is] a literary giant who has god-given talent.
      -- Will Ferguson, The Globe and Mail

      His books are beautifully written, among the funniest I've ever read, yet somehow at the same time among the most poignant and moving.
      -- Annie Dillard
      Welcome to my site
      Welcome to my web site. I feel like adding said the spider to the fly. I'm writing to you from a sound-proofed bunker in my basement. I have a low tolerance for noise, one of the reasons that I prefer to write at night - sometimes all night. If you have questions about me or any of my books, I'll do my best to answer them. I really appreciate direct feedback from readers, especially the ones who like my books. It won't change the way I write my books and my answers may not change the way you read them, but at least we'll have closed that gap between writer and reader.

      To send me an email, click here. Should I not respond to your queries or comments, please alert my publicist: Ashley Dunn at adunn@penguinrandomhouse.com (or 647-788-3976) and tell her of my inexplible silence. See you on the literary hustings.
      Wayne Johnston

      Upcoming Appearances
      August 2022:
      • Bonne Bay, NL: Aug 16-21 | Writers at Woody Point - see here

      Copyright 2006 Wayne Johnston